Beginner Tips and Tricks for Caravanners

Whether you’re a grey nomad or young 20-30yr old looking for some fun and adventure, there’s a few things you need to know first before heading to that caravan dealership.
Here, we’ve created a list of the most important road trip tips and caravaning advice you need to be aware of before hitting the road.
Purchasing a caravan

  • The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a caravan is how much your budget is. Motor homes can end up in the hundreds of thousands, so it’s best not to look at anything that’s not within your price range.
  • Safety always needs to come first. You need something that you will feel comfortable towing around. If you’ve never towed a caravan before, caravan towing classes might be helpful.
  • Fuel consumption is a big point of difference between different sized caravans. Large motor homes can guzzle up plenty of fuel, while a compact campervan will use a lot less.
  • Make a list of everything you want your caravan or campervan to have. Do you want something that has a shower and toilet in it? How much space you will need will also depend on how many people will be travelling and staying in the van.

Travelling advice
Before hitting the road, consider these important points.

  • Always double and triple check that you’ve fitted your caravan with special rear-view
    mirrors, and that the towbar is secure and the correct fit.
  • Ensure that you’ve attached the electrical cable for the stoplights on your caravan.
  • Check the weather conditions for the days you’ll be travelling. Look at both the weather you’ll be leaving in, and what you should expect to experience on your arrival.
  • Do your research and plan your route, booking in all of your caravan park spots on the way. These parks do get booked out, especially in peak seasons, so you don’t want to risk missing out and having nowhere to stay.

Places to go
Australia has so many wonderful places to caravan to. Here is our pick of some of the best spots:
Broken Hill, NSW
Broken Hill is a great outback destination to head to. The roads to access Broken Hill are all sealed, and there are two caravan parks here that offer the complete range of caravan park services.

Rainbow Beach, QLD
If heading to the beach is more what you had in mind, Rainbow Beach in Queensland is the place to go. Bordering the incredible Great Sandy National Park, here you’ll see the magnificent coloured sands and surrounding woodlands.

Broome, WA
Because Broome has such great weather all year round, it’s a popular destination for caravanners. With 8 big caravan parks both inside and outside town, there’s plenty of room for everyone. The Cable Beach caravan park is one of the best spots here.

Alice Springs, NT
Tourists flock to Alice Springs in the Red Centre, and there are many camping options to choose from. Whether you want to stay close to where the action is, or further out in a quieter bush location, it’s entirely up to you.

You Won’t Believe What These Rental Car Employees Found

It’s so easy to leave behind your house keys, wallet, or even drop your phone by accident in someone else’s car. And by the time you realise you’re missing something, the driver’s either halfway down the road or on the other side of the city.

Rental cars are no different – Everyday when people return the cars they’ve hired, loose change, sunglasses and a matter of documents and personal effects are left behind under seats, in gloveboxes, and in car boots. These items are often recovered by the car rental company staff and the cleaners who work on the vehicle once it’s been returned.

All of these random bits and pieces end up in lost property, and sometimes staff make follow up calls with previous renters to reunite them with their favourite pair of Chanel shades.
There is, however a completely other side to rental car companies lost and found department. These include the interesting and quirky objects, and items which you wouldn’t believe people have left behind for someone else to find.

Here we’ve created a list of the top 6 most unbelievably strange and funny items that have been recovered from rental cars on their return.”
1. Grenade – the real (not toy) kind. In Guateng in Western Cape grenades have been found twice in a return rental car. On one occasion, an employee was taking the car to be refueled and when he applied the brakes the grenade rolled out from under the seat. Luckily for the rental car employee, nothing happened. They found out later that the car had been rented by a personal protection agency – heaven help anyone who crosses them!

2. A life-sized human skeleton in clothing – Naturally, this would have scared the rental car employee when he or she opened the boot to find a human skeleton dressed in shabby clothes! The skeleton, which was found in a Toyota Camry in Seattle, was just a classroom training skeleton that was being transported to be used in a local play.
3. Diamond ring – A rental car employee was cleaning out a car one day, and was about to throw out a box of chocolates that she found. Something compelled her to open the lid, and there she found, surrounded by rows of chocolates, a diamond ring. Here’s hoping that after all the effort it must have taken to get the ring back that the lucky girl (or guy) said yes!
4. An urn with someone’s ashes - On returning a rental car in Belfast, a woman accidentally left her mother’s ashes in the vehicle. She had brought them over from South Africa. Thankfully she was able to retrieve them so she could then scatter them at her mother’s place of birth.
5. Life-sized dummy dressed like grandma - This dummy, dressed up to look like an old lady, gave the rental car employee a real fright when he opened the boot of a recently returned Ford Focus. Apparently, his first thought was that he had discovered a dead body.
6. Toupee - Limp and lifeless, a toupee was discovered sitting on the console between the back seats in a Renault in Birmingham. Needless to say the person who just returned the car said it wasn’t his when staff tried to return it to him.
There are so many quirky items that are recovered from rental cars each year. From fluffy handcuffs to glass eyes, underwear and goat droppings, it seems that there really is never a dull moment for car rental company staff.
If you do leave something like your favourite pair of sunglasses or documents in a rental car, it’s easy to retrieve. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed to give the company a call.
After reading this list, a framed photo of your cat is nothing compared to what most rental car company staff have already seen.

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